Online Public Service is an integral part of

the MOOCs University learning experience

Universities and faculty worldwide are bringing their knowledge and expertise to MOOCs University students  to help them help themselves.   

In the same spirit of public service, students are highly encouraged and will have access to global "online" public service opportunities.  Their work, participation, and results achieved will be included in their MOOCs University transcript and record.

"GOOD from APPS":  The initiative's mission is to identify, design and develop mobile apps that can have high potential social impact by providing users with tools to help themselves and their communities. Other highly rated "Good from Apps" mobile apps currently available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Apps and other major app stores include: STEM Teachers; Grief Support Network; MOOCs U, Baltimore Inner Harbor and others.

It is recommended that students choose online public service opportunities in their chosen academic pathway area, but not required.  Enrolled MOOCs University students are also encouraged to suggest and post online public service opportunities for others.

One of the Public Service areas MOOCs University leadership is already devoting their time and effort to is in helping students, their families, their friends and others Grieving worldwide to find online Grief Support Services and Resources.  Each year, there are over 220 million people that will grieve worldwide, and based on a recent online survey conducted by the non-profit organization, , "Over 80% were not prepared to deal with grief", and the majority felt our schools need to do more to prepare us for this natural phase of our lives.  

For Students, their families, friends, neighbors and others Grieving, My Grief Angels' App may be found at the Amazon App Store, Google Play App Store, and iTunes. Search for the free App's Name: "Grief Support Network"

MOOCs University leadership in addition to supporting the educational and outreach efforts of, is donating all profits from the recently published book, "Good from Grief" (​ ) for the development of "free" Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCS) on Grief and Grief Support. 

("MOOCs U") Opening in 2017 and Managed by Non-Profit AboutEdu Inc

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