MOOCs University

("MOOCs U") Opening in 2017 and Managed by Non-Profit AboutEdu Inc

MOOCs-based Degree Programs

The Universities and Colleges highlighted here are offering some of the first MOOCs-based undergraduate and graduate degree programs available today.  MOOCs University is not affiliated with or gets compensated by these providers in any way. 

Key objective here is to highlight new and innovative  MOOCs-based Degree options being made available by leading Universities and Colleges worldwide that open up new opportunities to use MOOCs toward the completion of a degree at lower cost.

Arizona State University & edX MOOC Platform:

"Global Freshman Academy"

Georgia Tech College of Computing:

"Online Masters of Science in Computer Science" in collaboration with AT&T and Udacity 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Online MBA:

iMBA in partnership with Coursera MOOC Platform

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Online Masters of Computer Science in Data Science ("MCS-DS")

‚ÄčThe Texas State University System joins MOOCs-based "Freshman Year for Free" Program

Stay tuned for information on several other MOOCs-based Degree Programs coming in the near future  


          MOOCers BEWARE: 

Do detailed RESEARCH on Any Group Claiming MOOCs-based Degree ACCREDITING Authority or asking for payment to provide that Accreditation or Certification.

1. Who is the Group? (ie, Government Agency, University Group, Corporation, etc)

2. Where did they get their claimed Accrediting Authority? (ie, Government, Department of Education, etc)

3. What is their claimed Accreditation worth: Who and Where is their claimed accreditation recognized by? Colleges/Universities, Countries, Governments, Corporations, etc.

If your research raises too many unanswered questions, or if you are in doubt in any way - Don't make any payments or provide them with any of your financial information.