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About us

Our mission


MOOCs University ("MOOCs U") mission is to increase access for low income individuals/families, under-served student populations, and others to free/affordable credible, accredited higher education courses, providers and degrees worldwide. With over 9,000+ Massive Open Online Courses ("MOOCs") available today from the world's elite universities and content experts - The opportunity to provide every human being that wishes to pursue a higher education degree online with the OPTION of pursuing one thru a Free MOOCs-based University and Degree is possible and feasible today.


For low income individuals/families, and under-served student populations who do not currently have the option to access higher education - the urgency for making this OPTION available now is critical, and while research on the effectiveness /design /structure of this option can continue to be carried out - We need to make this online MOOCs-based OPTION option available today.


Some of our projects to date include:


- MOOCs U Mobile App on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Apps, HTML5 and others


- STEM Teachers Mobile App available on Google Play, iTunes, Amazon Apps, HTML5 and other major app stores


- Book: "MOOC it: Massive Open Online Courses in tweets: 35+ Million MOOCers, 4,000+ MOOCs, $1+ Billion Valuations, 46% CAGR 2015-2019, MOOC Superpower: India" 


- "MOOC it Book included in list of top 10 most popular eLearning books"


- Book:  "MOOC it: Massive Open Online Courses in Tweets: MOOCs grew 201% last year"


- MOOCs Directory - Directory of MOOC Providers by Market Segment Served


- The MOOC Petition - Online Change Petition for the Creation of a MOOCs-based Advertiser Supported Free MOOCs University Option for students worldwide 


- The MOOCs U - MOOCers Store (MOOCers is term used for MOOC students)